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Our lambs are born in March/April and are reared extensively on grass with their mothers until at least July. Lambs are taken to our local abattoir and then hung for up to 7 days in order to mature. We find that hanging lambs for longer does not further enhance the flavour or texture of the meat. Lambs are then cut and packed to your requirements.

Our Mutton products are either mature mutton wethers (castrated males) at 24 months old or mature prime ewes. This product is available throughout the year, but traditionally availability is highest from October to March. Our Mutton is hung for circa two weeks to enhance texture and flavour and then cut and packed to your requirements.

Lamb Butchers Chart

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Default cuts include:

Whole Leg, Whole Shoulder, Chops, Chump Chops, Mince, Liver & Kidney.

Alternatives could include:
Rack, Breast, Scrag End, 1/2 leg, 1/2 Shoulder.

All orders are provided fresh for your requirements and due to the fact that our animals are selected specifically for you upon confirmation of your order, there may be a short wait until your product is available for collection. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be able to give you a precise date when your order will be ready.

The majority of our produce is provided on a collection from the farm basis. Click here for directions to the farm. However if you are keen to try our produce and you don't live locally, then please email us and we can discuss making the necessary arrangements.

We provide boxed half or whole lamb and mutton in cuts to suit your needs. Our meat is provided fresh or if preferred we will shock freeze your order to preserve its freshness at no extra cost. None of our meat is stored in a freezer and all animals are prepared to order. Each joint is clearly bagged and labeled, with weight and use by date.

In order to avoid complicated pricing, all of our products are priced on a deadweight basis, which means that the price quoted is for the £/kg for whole carcase. Therefore whatever your cutting requirements the price remains the same there will however inevitably be some waste. There is a general rule that the more complicated the cutting requirement the less meat in the end product due to the additional waste created and this should be borne in mind when deciding on your cuts.

½ Lamb cut to your requirements approx. 10kg


Whole Lamb cut to your requirements approx. 20kg


½ Mutton cut to your requirements approx. 16kg


Whole Mutton cut to your requirements approx. 30kg


We also currently have Hogget Lambs available, i.e. lambs between the ages of 12 and 24 months, which are meaty and full of flavour, priced at £7.50/kg for half boxes and £7.00/kg for whole boxes.

To place an order please call the Green Farm Office between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm Mon-Fri 07974188853 or via email

Orders will be processed during weekday office hours only. We will phone to confirm your order, so please include a daytime telephone number if ordering via email.

When ordering either a whole or half lamb or mutton, please remember to include your full name, address, daytime telephone number and your preferences for cuts. See 'cuts' above.

Please read our delivery and availability notices before placing an order. If you are unable to collect your order from Green Farm, please mention this when ordering.

We accept payment in cash or cheque. Payment is requested on placement of your order. Cheques to be made payable to: Green Farm Elsing.

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